To effectively and efficiently supply moulded rubber products and ignition wire sets globally
To achieve highest customers satisfaction
To maximize the value of stakeholders at all times
To monitor actual performance of the established quality objectives per requirements of ISO/IATF16949:2002

Pro-tec believes that quality is the true measure of a world-class manufacturer.  We invest heavily in upgrading and adding to our manufacturing and laboratory facilities.  We conduct on the job training programs for new employees and on-going quality in house seminars for experienced personnel.

Using statistical process control (SPC) wherever feasible, we strive to achieve zero defect in all aspect of our operations.  In addition, we are constantly monitoring and improving our cost of quality.

From quality assurance capability survey of our vendors to process capability studies for determining if a tool can constantly produce to customer expectations, we work in partnership with both our suppliers and customers.

ISO/IATF16949:2002 Certifications

After merely 6 years into manufacturing, Pro-tec strives to be a world-class manufacturer. Pro-tec achieved its ISO/IATF16949:2002 certifications from Kiwa International GMBH of Germany for its rubber moulding and wire assembly operations and ISO9001:2000 for its trading division.

This is in-line with its mission to be a world class manufacturer. There is are only a few rubber moulding and ignition wire assembly companies in the world that have achieved this certification.

As an OEM supplier, we also have the full capability to support our customers with all relevant PPAP documentation requirements and CPK studies. We maintain a process-check system to ensure that we are consistently supplying quality products to our customers.


ARTOS Cut and Strip Machine

We have recently upgraded our ignition wire assembly division via ARTOS machine,  a fully automated  “cut and strip wire machine”  which enables high speed production of ignition wire sets and controlled production processes.  With such quick turnaround time, we are able to pass on cost savings to our customers.  We have also enhanced our range of ignition wire sets to over 1500 applications covering over 90 percent vehicle types globally.  Our wires are imported from USA and Europe, then assembled in Malaysia with ISO/IATF16949:2002 certified ignition boots produced in-house.

Today, we offer:

1.    Protec Premium Line: Our continuous expansion of the components has seen Protec as one of the forerunners application range .  We utilize Class F; wire wound wires with full stainless steel terminals.  Our low resistance wires is tailored to meet overall sensitivity of all makes of vehicles.
2.    Protec Standard Line: This range of wires birth forth from Protec’s experience in the Original Equipment supply.  This range of wire is made of low resistance wire wound wire; Stainless Steel Terminals and is made to conform to ISO6856/ ISO3808 standards.  We use high temperature silicone components with consistent testing on materials to ensure consistency of product quality.
3.    Protec Regular Line: While we uphold the quality of Protec range of wires, we have an entry level wire which would compete with competitors on prices.  Protec warrants the usability of its wires.  We use Silicone materials on this wires along with anti-rust zinc materials on this range.  These wires are built for petrol engines.